Fondaco dei Persiani

Counseling services, translation, interpretation Italian-Farsi / Farsi/Italian – by Reza Rashidy


fondaco dei persianiThe fondaco, or "fontego" in the Venetian dialect, was the place assigned to exchanges, commerce, relationships and cultural growth. Three national fontego were located along the Canal Grande: the Turkish one, the German one and the Persian one, witnessing the ancient and prosperous binds with Persia.

Nowadays, like at the time of the Serenissima Republic, we face the challenge to take advantage from cooperating in different areas, to restore the network of connections and friendship which has been left interrupted for too many years of separation from the rest of the world due to the heavy sanctions imposed by the Western Countries, as well as to fill the gap of an empty period that both Iranians and Italians wish to archive forever.

With its innovative vision in terms of consultancy, translation, interpreting and intercultural mediation services, the "Fondaco dei Persiani" offers its contribution to the development of this network of connections and relationship between the two Countries.

"Fondaco dei Persiani" believes that translation represents just the beginning of an integration process which is necessary to destroy barriers and walls between peoples. The breech offered by translation is the primary tool in the confrontation between civilizations which are not forced inside their individual identities, but rather open to exchange and knowledge.