Fondaco dei Persiani

Counseling services, translation, interpretation Italian-Farsi / Farsi/Italian – by Reza Rashidy


Reza RaschidyReza Rashidy was born in Tehran on August 31, 1950. After graduating from Science high school, he moved to Italy in 1968. In 1976 he graduated in Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice. Until 1979, commissioned by the Algerian government, he worked as an urban planner in Algiers. In 1979 after the Islamic revolution, he moved back to Iran. In 1980 he worked for a year as a journalist ANSA(world news agency) in Tehran's office. From 1981 to 1985 he worked as interpreter, cultural mediator and organizer of cultural events for the Italian Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy in Tehran. In the meantime he translated from Italian into Farsi numerous essays, articles and books including "Fantasia" by Bruno Munari, " Tramonto delle ideologie " by Lucio Colletti, "The Industrial Revolution: 1760-1930" by TS Ashton, "Urban and Regional Planning" by Mac Loughlin. Since 1985 he settled permanently in Italy, where among other things, he has worked with several Italian weeklies and periodicals as well as with different translation services for cultural, legal, technical, financial, judicial and business translations. He is a certified translator. In educational and social fields has conceived and implemented several projects which were funded by local authorities, banking foundations, Veneto Region and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian republic, Palazzo Chigi

In Italy he published:

"Mi racconto, Ti racconto… Storie e ricette del nostro mondo" edited by Reza Rashidy and preface by Massimo Montanari, Editrice Coopconsumatori, Bologna, pagine 319, anno 2007 "Il mondo è servito"- La cucina e le ricette degli immigrati in Italia Edizioni C.I.D, Venezia, pagine 95, anno 2008