Fondaco dei Persiani

Counseling services, translation, interpretation Italian-Farsi / Farsi/Italian – by Reza Rashidy


Today's translator

Translating doesn't consist into the mere transposition of a text from a language into another, but rather the capability to include life concepts, principles, intentions, behaviors, emotions and expectations of the start text into the destination text, avoiding any possible misinterpretation of the original text, nor its flavors.

Any accredited and responsible translator retrieves the original meanings of the original world, even the most hidden ones, in order to transfer them to the destination world by paying attention to preserve their distinctive peculiarities, to foster the logic of getting-together, of confrontation and dialogue, a logic which emphasizes the respect of the reciprocal cultures and the acknowledge of the principles of truth of the different languages of cultures and peoples.

Today translating is no longer a "mechanical" process, a mere passage from a language into another, but rather a creative process which is not accessible to everyone. In fact the role of translation is affirmed by the study of cultural systems which emphasize the translator's function and importance in its role as cultural mediator. The task of the translator cannot be irreplaceable for only he can model the original text to the beneficiaries' needs, as only he knows both subject cultures.