Fondaco dei Persiani

Counseling services, translation, interpretation Italian-Farsi / Farsi/Italian – by Reza Rashidy


Culture, travels, tourism, gastronomy

turismo culturale IRANThe big tour operators know the importance to offer their customers detailed information in the local language: no one would chose a new recipe, ingredient, or touristic site in an unknown language.

Translating becomes a fundamental investment to any operator in the tourism market, from the big hotel chain to the starred restaurant, to real estates, from national authorities to air companies, until the specialized publishing industry, in order to enhance visibility, promotion and sales.

Specialization is the power point in the hands of the translator: in fact different communication objectives require different competences.

Our Italian-Farsi translators-interpreters have a deep knowledge of the language and culture, but are also well skilled and experienced in proficient advertising communication.

Touristic and gastronomic promotion, like any other kind of promotion, is based on a fundamental pillar: communication. It has to be direct, attractive and accurate, especially when oriented towards recipients who have not yet developed a mutual knowledge.