Fondaco dei Persiani

Counseling services, translation, interpretation Italian-Farsi / Farsi/Italian – by Reza Rashidy


Translations in the world of Architecture and Design

architettura IRANOperators in the world of architecture, design and home furnishing demand forceful and quality translations in order to transfer the exclusivity and the poetry of the architectural project, the architects' creative and provoking choices. With the relief of the sanctions against Iran designers, architects and engineers, but also the most famous international artists and achistars, are seeking with curiosity the opportunities offered by Iran, wishing to communicate and translate in the Farsi language their own mission: to enhance the quality of building and to renew in a sustainable way, promoting a philosophy of giving the best with minimal waste for the opening market.

Quality, innovation and experimentation, but also the ability to integrate the tradition and art of the Made in Italy with the most modern design: these are the contents that only a qualified linguistic partner, specialized in excellence translations, is able to translate and draw attention to, throw his biculturalism.

Professional translators and interpreters, experienced in architecture, design and home furnishing, offer their skill to companies in these specific niches of industrial design, interior design, construction industry, bio-construction industry, including all the chain from design, to project, to construction: home furnishing, fabrics, lighting systems, kitchens, office furnishing, bathroom furnishing, coverings, floor covering, finishing, doors and windows.